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Cinema Imaginado (Volume 1)

by Bruno de Almeida

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Back in 86 when the thing was the mix I said man, get out of the way let me get me a fix Went down the corner to the cab stand the line was going all the way to the end Avenue C was dark as shit I looked for a spot between 4 and 6 but didn’t have the cash to blow… Oh, oh, I see So, I got the bitch and did it in Fuck it! I looked up and there he was Spiderman was climbing the wall Hey man! He looked down and smiled He didn’t bother me at all Have a nice time bro. Between Crazy and Dead we’re moving ahead sleeping on the floor and looking for more we didn’t have a cent we didn’t pay the rent it didn’t matter ‘cause it was all in the air. Pussy, blow, tortillas, it was all part a big show Three-gun shots a day was the play and it smelled like shit. Ummm Wouldn’t have it any other way Fuck the police! Cabrón!! Play that horn man! Same shit as it’s always been in an out like a laser beam 24/7 it’s a dog day it’s gotta be part of our DNA Down the corner they’re selling away take it or leave it. It’s on display Seven to Life on the Lower East Side Between crazy and dead we’re looking ahead No time to blow gotta keep the flow Any other way would take us away Fuck the system All we gotta do is play!
Downtown 85 03:25
Blow your brains out at Danceteria Get drugs at the Mudd Club Take a piss at CBGB’s Get on the floor at Studio 54 Ride the high on a mountain sky Blow your horn down the Village Gate Dance away at the Palladium From Save the Robot’s to the World Groove the Tunnel to the Pyramid Ride the sky on a mountain high Funk the Punk
Dog Walk 05:21
It was a cool summer night I went outside for a smoke The neighborhood was quiet I saw a woman walking a dog She passed right over me The dog approached me and started to sniff I looked at her and said “Hi” She said “Fuck you!” Real New York tough “Oh, okay, fuck you too” By the end of the week I was fucking her Her name was Stacy and she had some pair of legs. The real business type, not my style but sex can make you do things You know you gonna regret later So, I’m in the middle of fucking her and the dog decides to lick my ass I fucking kicked him out of bed! She said “don’t hurt the dog!” Oh, c’mon His name was Cooper A month later she didn’t wanna have sex anymore She said she was too busy at work Now I had to walk Cooper The fucking dog was bi-polar He had two modes, barking and napping I went for a slice at Joe’s Pizza Cooper just sat there staring at me So, I gave him one with extra cheese and pepperoni That did it. Now he was sleepy We sat outside at Bar Pitti I ordered an expresso for me and one for him Cooper loved it Now he was jumping up and down So, I got him a double Crazy, right? Dog and coffee Well, out of the blue the fucking dog had a heart attack Gone! Stacy went ballistic! She said she was gonna sue me She knew lawyers and everything Then she punched me out She threw a vase at my head You know what? Fuck her A week later I was sitting on my stoop again I felt sad. I really missed Cooper I miss the fucking dog That’s that Ok great, print it Shup up Cooper!
Film Noir 03:41
Broken Blues 01:25
Anthony came down with the truck We picked up Johnny on 48th We went down to Wo Hop, in Chinatown Greasy mix of flavors Daily news for night owls I ended up with a hooker from the West Side Tried to get a blow job but she had a tooth ache Really? Yeah, I gave her a Xanax and told her to go look for a dentist Just my luck! 5am, not a soul around Times a changing Damn New York City I miss it down and dirty I drop at the Ear for a pint Nothing like a few old drunken sailors Poets. Mutts Stories from the underground A sign on the wall says “don’t trust anybody who hasn’t had a drink” A blink of light, I’m out of sight No white castle tonight boys Vampire
Ruffles 06:21
It came to me in the form of a dream the notion that all was well He had died recently on the way to the store I’d like to think he was going for cigarettes that last unequivocal pleasure and beyond Dolphins showed up in the Hudson in a perpetual dance of sorts An unusual event I’d say If only in the repetition of time which by contrast is not in the subdivisions where we can feel but the beat ahead and behind of what we use as the measure to break it to feel to cry No, no, no He wouldn’t want that He liked the circus too much Magic Dreams Free
The girl was from Tijuca Mysterious Confident She moved to the beat Like angel dust She had been robbed Beaten Drugged Maybe raped? She went through dimensions Where love is in transit She was like a bird flying above Rio And she didn’t care I offered to buy her a drink She smiled “only if you buy me two” I knew I was in trouble and I couldn’t help it!
Ferlinghetti 05:05
Lifetime 03:48
LIFETIME I went for a drink on the Lower East Side That’s when I saw her sitting by herself at the other end of the bar Eyes for eyes deep connection I know I knew her Another time Another life Whether you believe in reincarnation I knew she knew I knew Eyes to eyes emotional ties It just was We both sat there drinking until the last call I left the bar and started walking She did the same on the other her side of the street She went East - I went West Lifetime!


Featuring extraordinary musicians such as Graham Haynes on cornet and Ricardo Toscano on alto sax CINEMA IMAGINADO (Volume 1) is a hybrid of jazz, funk and spoken word.

Bruno de Almeida’s return to music paints a sonic and lyrical universe that is reminiscent of his independent films. Comedy and drama meld effortlessly into decaying urban landscapes full of compelling off-beat characters.

This album is dedicated to the memory of John C. Frey (1958-2021)


released March 13, 2022

Bruno de Almeida - Voice, guitars, keyboards
Graham Haynes - Cornet, flugelhorn, percussion
Ricardo Toscano - Alto sax
Mário Franco - Electric bass, double bass
Frank London - Trumpet
Luís Figueiredo - Piano, Fender Rhodes
Rúben da Luz - Trombone
Rui Bandeira - Bass trombone
Sérgio Carolino - Tuba
André Sousa Machado - Drums
João Martins - Drums
Ivan Huol - Drums
Iúri Oliveira - Percussion
Osvaldo Pegudo - Percussion
David Torkanowsky - Hammond Organ
Óscar Graça - Piano
Mário Delgado - Electric guitar
Ana Pereira - Violin
Ana Filipa Serrão - Violin
Joana Cipriano - Viola
Ana Cláudia Serrão - Cello
Special guest: Viva o Samba Lisboa
Eduardo dos Santos Ferreira Filho - Guitar
Bruno Pereira da Silva - 7 string guitar
Lucas de Assis Sousa Ferreira - Ukele
Eron Gabriel Barbosa dos Santos - Drums
Humberto Mateus - Percussion
Cicero Mateus - Percussion
Wesley Victor Santiago - Percussion
Wilton Vieira Lima - Percussion

All music and words by Bruno de Almeida except “Downtown 85” words by Bruno
de Almeida, music by Mário Franco, Ricardo Toscano, André Sousa Machado
and “Film Noir” music by Bruno de Almeida and Graham Haynes.

All music arranged by Bruno de Almeida, except “Broken Blues” arranged by
Graham Haynes, “The Girl from Tijuca” arranged by Viva o Samba Lisboa, and
“Lifetime” arranged by Mário Franco.

Produced by Bruno de Almeida,
associate producers Mário Franco and Graham Haynes,
executive producer Vanessa Alvarez

Liner notes:
If cinema is truth 24 frames per second, Cinema Imaginado is truth 120 beats per minute. Listen closely and you'll feel the celluloid strip with its ripped sprocket holes spool through the film projector in your brain. A vibrant mental metropolis sprawls before you. Its soul yet to be sucked out by the obscenely rich and the terminally shallow. Here, it's still the epicenter of the eccentric universe. The capital of the restless and the misfit. You can smell the desperation and inspiration wafting like hot steam through the grates in the asphalt. This fecund landscape, much like decaying organic matter, has the power to spawn new life from death. A feast for the spiritual acrobat, Cinema Imaginado is the uncompromising soundtrack to dreams from long ago that refuse to vaporize. Part chronicle, part homage, like chewing gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe and to your consciousness, it can't be sanitized. As the end credits to this sonic movie roll before your mind's eye, you'll know why past is always present.
- Frank Coelho

Mixed by João Pedreira @ Estúdios Valentim de Carvalho, January 2022. Recorded by Miguel Martins, João Pedreira, Tadeus Mascarenhas, Rodolfo Cardoso and Bernardo Estrela, assisted by Paulo Marques, between March and December 2021 @ BA Music (Lisbon), Estúdios Valentim de Carvalho (Paço de Arcos), Estúdio Casa das Máquinas (Salvador, Bahia), York Studios (New Orleans), Estúdios Ninho (Ovar), Atlantico Blue Studios (Paço de Arcos), Putchiu (Lisboa) and Arco Films (New York).
Mastered by Paulo Jorge Ferreira at Avantools. Music copyist Eduardo Proença. Creative consultant Frank Coelho.

Cover photo by Camillo José Vergara

A BA Music production with the support
of the Portuguese Society of Author’s Cultural Fund
Copyright BA Music 2022
Publishing BA Music SPA 2022
“Film Noir” co-published by Dippermouth Music


all rights reserved



Bruno de Almeida Lisbon, Portugal

Bruno de Almeida is a Portuguese composer and multi-instrumentalist who comes out of the downtown New York City music scene of the mid-eighties. He is also a Cannes award-winning filmmaker whose body of film work navigates between fiction and documentaries. Much like his films, Bruno's music paints a compelling sonic and lyrical universe that drifts between existential poetics and urban realism. ... more

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